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First SEI and CE Certification Issued
for an Equestrian Helmet

McLean, VA .February 4, 2000 -- The Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) is pleased to announce that it’s European Partner, INSPEC Certification Ltd. has issued its first CE certification for an equestrian helmet based on requirements of the European Directive and an SEI Technical Specification which includes, among other requirements, compliance testing to ASTM F 1163 – 1998, ASTM F 1163, 1998 edition, Protective Headgear Used in Horse Sports and Horseback Riding. A result is 3 continents linked by the 1st SEI/INSPEC certification.

A CE Certification and SEI Certification have now been issued to Equine Science Marketing Pty. Ltd. for the model Aussie Rider - - Outback (ESD 04). The Equestrian Helmet is now in full compliance with SEI and CE requirements.

SEI and INSPEC Certification formed an alliance to assist manufacturers seeking CE Certification for their products which have already met stringent SEI requirements. To display the SEI certification mark, in addition to initial compliance testing of all helmet models to the ASTM F1163 - 1998 standard, manufacturers must pass a rigorous quality assurance audit of their manufacturing facility. Also, all products carrying the SEI label are required to be re-certified annually. This means that all products must be re-tested annually, and the manufacturing facility must continue to successfully meet all SEI quality assurance requirements during the annual on-site audit.

SEI has teamed up with the premier organization in Europe for PPE certification. "SEI pursued the liaison with INSPEC after conducting extensive research to find the best match to complement and enhance the SEI certification program", said SEI President, Pat Gleason. INSPEC is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), the UK government’s official independent third-party accreditation authority.

INSPEC is also a designated Notified Body for all types of PPE and, therefore, may process applications for CE marking under the European Directive. In addition to meeting all SEI requirements, Equine Science’s Aussie Rider - -Outback helmet had to meet requirements of the European Directive, including testing to EN 1384.

"The cooperation adds a new dimension to the service both organizations can offer their clients", stated Paul Clarke, Managing Director of INSPEC. INSPEC is pleased to be working with SEI, which is an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredited certification organization. The prestigious ANSI accreditation affirms that SEI’s certification program complies with ten international guides pertaining to testing, inspection and certification. SEI is the only U.S. safety and protective equipment certifier to currently achieve this status.

"As a non-profit organization, we are committed to making sure customers have confidence in the safety products they rely on for protection from potential hazards", stated Patricia A. Gleason, SEI President. SEI’s sole purpose for existence is to assure that products have been manufactured to specifications and should perform at expected levels. SEI’s Board of Directors selects the most current, comprehensive, performance standards for its programs.

Congratulations are extended to Equine Science Marketing Pty. Ltd. for successfully completing all SEI requirements and CE requirements. The northern hemisphere’s two leading personal protective equipment (PPE) authorities have authorized certifications in two continents, thereby providing a unique service to the equestrian community.

Information about SEI’s certification program and the most current version of the SEI Certified Product List, can be accessed on SEI’s web site,, by anyone, anywhere in the world at any time of the day. The bulk of the SEI home page includes the SEI Certified Product List which provides certified product model names and numbers, manufacturer’s names, addresses, and contact numbers.

Information on INSPEC’s services may be found on their web site,

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