August 22, 2000

SEI Issues First Certification For

Equestrian Protective Vests

McLean, VA . . . . The Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) is pleased to announce the familiar SEI label will now be appearing on a newly certified equestrian protective vest. SEI has officially initiated a certification program for body protectors (vests) used by horseback riders. These body protectors are designed to reduce trauma from blunt impacts and falls, and the availability of a certified vest is an important milestone in safety for the equestrian community.

The Equestrian Vest certification program is part of SEI’s widely respected certification programs for safety products used by consumers, workers in general industry and by the fire service. Adoption of the new ASTM performance criteria, ASTM F 1937-98, Standard Specification for Body Protectors Used in Horse Sports and Horseback Riding by SEI is a natural progression of SEI’s widely respected, ANSI-accredited, certification programs for safety and protective equipment used by the equestrian community. SEI’s certification program for equestrian helmets has provided an important contribution in the safety of persons participating in horse sports and horseback riding.

Intec Corporation of Staten Island, NY has a new protective vest, the Flex Rider, that successfully passed stringent product testing to ASTM F 1937 –98, and the company also passed a comprehensive quality assurance audit of their manufacturing facility. As a result, Intec Corporation is now entitled to display the SEI logo on its Flex Rider body protector. In order to maintain these product certifications, Intec will continue to be audited at its plant on a periodic basis and test samples will be randomly selected annually by SEI’s auditor from production stock, at the warehouse or distribution center.

The ASTM standard includes requirements for dimensions, sizing and body coverage, and testing such as the shock attenuation test, penetration and deformation test and a padding separation test. Conditioning requirements are also spelled out in the standard. The body protector is required to have a permanent label stating the limits of protection.

Information about SEI’s certification program and the most current version of the SEI Certified Product List, can be accessed on SEI’s web site,, by anyone, anywhere in the world at any time of the day. The bulk of the SEI home page includes the SEI Certified Product List which provides certified product model names and numbers, manufacturer’s names, addresses, and contact numbers.

A copy of the SEI Certified Product List may also be obtained free of charge by writing to SEI, 1307 Dolley Madison Blvd., McLean, VA 22101. Requests may also be sent by fax: 703/442-5756 or by e-mail at:

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