Participant Access

This section of our website provides SEI participants, laboratories and auditors with access to tools, documentation, and resources frequently requested. To access the resources in this section, you will need an SEI-supplied User Name and Password. If you have a User Name and Password, click Login below to continue. If you do not have a User Name and Password, contact SEI at the email address supplied below to request your personal access credentials.

To Login

Click the Login Now button below and, when prompted, enter your User Name and Password and click OK. If your credentials are valid, the SEI Participant Section page is displayed. From this page, you can access SEI protected resources. If you have problems logging in, follow the instructions below.

Member Access Section

To Request Personal Access Credentials

If this is your first time taking advantage of this section, please contact the Participant Access Administrator at the email address provided below. A unique User Name and Password will be sent to you via email, once your access credentials are set-up in our system.  You will need to provide the following information to obtain new access credentials:

    • Name
    • Organization
    • Email Address
    • 4-Digit Number
    • Telephone Number 
    • Any Additional Contact Information 

Please note:The 4-digit number you supply will become part of the user name and password the administrator will provide you.  It is recommended you choose a number that is easy to remember.

If you have forgotten your Personal Access Credentials
If you have attempted to log in and were unsuccessful, or if you may have forgotten your User Name or Password, please email the Participant Access Administrator at the email address below.The User Name and Password on file at SEI will be emailed back to you, at the email address that was supplied during the initial set-up of your Personal Access account.

Participant Access Administrator

Bill Fithian - send email requests to:



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