New Participant Information and Application Kit

This section provides additional information/explanation to prospective participants about the certification process and allows you to submit a preliminary questionnaire.


What You Should Know

Thank you for your interest in certifying your product(s) through SEI. This is an important step which will benefit your organization for years to come. The following information will help you get started. Along with several additional items, the following key requirements must be successfully completed before SEI shall issue certification.

    1. Performance testing of the product model must be successfully completed in accordance with the applicable performance standards. This includes, but not limited to, chemical and/or physical testing, labeling and user information documentation, and design requirements.
    2. A manufacturer’s Quality Assurance Program will be evaluated by an independent SEI auditor. Any corrective action items noted during the audit will need to be cleared prior to an issuance of a product certification letter by SEI.
    3. Proof of product liability insurance listing SEI, its officers, directors and staff as additional insureds.


What you Need to Begin

    1. Complete and sign a copy of the SEI Manufacturer’s Agreement and email, fax, or send it to SEI.
    2. Remit the appropriate Participation Fee (determined by company sales).
    3. Contact SEI to discuss your needs and expectations. One of SEI’s highly qualified staff members will guide you through the entire certification process.
    4. Purchase the applicable standard(s) to which you wish to certify. This will provide the foundation you need to pre-qualify you product(s) prior to initiating the certification process.

Additional details can be found in the SEI Program Requirements section of this website.


How to Proceed

Contact SEI by telephone (703-442-5732), or send a request via email to A qualified SEI representative will be happy to walk you through the process.